Love in a Sunburnt Land Vol. 2

First photo of Sunburnt2 'in the wild' thank you to @allbookedout_with_mj - my favourite SA reviewer. 
This gorgeous anthology will be released on Friday 3 June - and is available for pre-order now. 
Brace yourself. Five 'single dad' stories that will move you to tears, laughter ... and leave you just a little bit breathless. Five Aussie authors, five small town novellas in one fabulous big book.

Warwick, Qld - flooded this weekend

We knew we were getting heavy rain and could expect localised flooding. But we didn't expect the deluge that cut all access to Warwick on Friday morning (13 May) and even cut the town in half. It's Sunday now and the flood waters are receding - a lot of clean-up underway around town. We postponed a Charity Ball to be held last night with 300 tickets sold - but we will regroup and set a new date. Bloke and I are are high and dry, our home was not affected, but it's heart-breaking to see some of our friends with massive damage to their properties.