A Place to Start Over

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Can one bad decision change your life? 


While recuperating from her biggest mistake, Harriet’s had time to plan a fresh start, away from the city.

With a business plan on her laptop and determination in her heart, she leaves Sydney, heading north. It’s a long drive and she’s only just beginning to heal, so she’s booked a stopover at Barrington Homestead on the way.

Harriet meets Drummond Murray on the road to Barrington. He’s a cattle farmer and fifth generation local. Impeccable manners but not much warmth. She has no choice but to accept his assistance, but she’s not keen to see him again.

In contrast, Ben Evans is a local stock and station agent, good humoured, warm and welcoming. Except Harriet isn’t looking for romance and she’s keen to continue her journey north. When circumstances conspire to keep her in Barrington after months of feeling helpless, feeling needed strikes a chord. 

A cast of local characters and new friendships make her wonder if this might just be her place to start over.

Barrington Book Two 

Can be read as a stand-alone or after reading Barrington Book One - Charlie's Will.

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Signed by author Susan Mackie.