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A self-published author, I established my own imprint: Small Town Publishing to manage my own writing and publishing business. Launching Charlie's Will in January 2020 saw me undergo a big learning curve - more than just writing, authors need to understand the 'business' of publishing - editing, cover design, formatting and printing, financial management, advertising and marketing, social media platforms and engaging with readers. Fortunate to have spent my adult life working in businesses of my own, as well as government and corporate entities, I found the business end of being an author less daunting than some. Collaboration with other authors, working together to support each other, sharing skills and knowledge, led me to open Small Town Publishing to other authors in need of business and technical assistance. 
Susan Mackie Tyrrell

Susan Mackie

Passionate About 

Story Telling

Love a good story. There are no bad stories.
Every person and every place has a story to tell.
Do you drive by old homes and wonder about the lives of those that built them, lived there, loved and lost?
Writers tell such stories. Sometimes real, sometimes imagined. Often both.
Susan Mackie.

Charlie's Will by Susan Mackie

The first book in the Barrington Series. Ebook available now on Amazon.

Bedazzled by Mary Campagnolo

Mary Campagnolo's debut novel. 

A tale of loyalty and betrayal, family and the strength of blood ties.

Where I write 

We pulled back the carpet in my study, discovering gnarly old floorboards beneath.  High ceilings have allowed the introduction of the large bookshelf, complete with ladder, which was the stuff of my childhood dreams

Where I live 

In the historic town of Warwick, on the beautiful Southern Downs region of Queensland.
Above is an original artwork of my lovely 1890s home by local artist and dear friend Fiona Hayes. You may recognise her style as she painted the watercolour for the cover of Charlie's Will. The original painting hangs in my study.

Passionate about supporting Aussie artists

Authors, fellow writers, creative makers. There are so many fabulous forums on facebook; to ask questions about craft, marketing and distribution and to offer advice and tips (when I can) to other writers and Indie Publishers. Love buying local, from the bush, supporting locally made products. Here I am, sans makeup, taking delivery of another Fiona Hayes watercolour - this one hangs in the boudoir.

Small Town Publishing

Write. Edit. Proof. Format. Publish. Market. Repeat.
Authors supporting authors. Sometimes you need a hand with the small stuff. Need beta readers that are also authors, to provide constructive feedback? Need to format your manuscript for ebook and paperback, but don't have Vellum? Need a few facebook and Insta posts created? We can help. We have a small team of authors with the skills and experience to support your publishing journey.